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We provide a full spectrum of services related to pet care and we will gladly customise our services to best suit our client's requirements. Our services include:


Pet Relocation

Pet moving policies vary from country to country. You need to keep yourself updated with information for the country you are planning to move in to.

Worry not! Peter Pet's customers will be informed and updated of all requirements of moving their pets to their destination, before they are handed over for relocation. With our many years of experiences, you can be sure your pet will have a safe and stress-free trip.

Pet Relocation –Export

Peter Pet Services provides extensive services for clients wishing to export their pets from Singapore. We have about 25 years of experience in animal transportation, relocating many pets all around the world. Besides cat and dogs, we have transported rabbits, hamsters, etc.. We also have in-depth knowledge of overseas import regulations & quarantine requirements.

We make all the necessary arrangements for your pet's travel needs. Pre-export examinations and permits in Singapore, airline freight reservations, travel crate dimensions requirements, documentations and certifications necessary for your pet's arrival in your new destination and all the necessary pet taxing services.

Kindly contact us for a quotation for the necessary services, and we'll assist in all ways possible to ensure that you and your pet's move from Singapore is as trouble-free as possible.

Pet Relocation - Import

Importing of animals into Singapore can be a real hassle if you are unfamiliar with the local regulations. Peter Pet Services is a company that can offer a "ONE-STOP, HASSLE FREE" service for clients who wish to relocate their pets from overseas destinations into Singapore.

Import (With No quarantine requirements)

We make all the necessary arrangements for your pet's arrival into Singapore. This includes all documentation for entry into Singapore, collection of your pet from Changi Airfreight Centre, inspections at Changi Animal & Plant Quarantine Unit, Custom clearance and delivery of your pet to your residence, through our local port to door services.

Import (With quarantine requirements)

Pet dogs and cats, exported from countries other than Category A and B (As stated by the Agri-Food and Veterinarian Authority of Singapore) will have to be quarantined for a period of 10 days (Cat C1) and at least 30 days (Cat C2 and D).

Our services includes all documentation for entry into Singapore, reservation of quarantine space, clearance of your pet from Changi Airfreight centre to Changi Animal & Plant Quarantine Unit. Your pet will than be transferred to Sembawang Animal Quarantine Station by a Quarantine officer. Following the quarantine stay, we will deliver your pet to your residence for a much awaited happy reunion.


Boarding Kennels / Cattery

Peter Pet Services is the place where your beloved pet goes when you are on a holiday. We provide full assurance that they will be cared for while you enjoy a worry-free vacation.

There are a variety of suite sizes available for our guests. The suites are designed to provide privacy to prevent contact between guests and to provide a secure and cozy environment for our guests. While in our care, your pet will be checked daily for any signs of illness and a veterinarian contacted if necessary. Daily cleaning puts the accent on cleanliness and sanitation.

All boarding includes:
- Indoor facility with climate control
- All areas disinfected daily
- Pets handled by trained technicians
- Emergency veterinarian service

* No two animals occupies the same space unless from the same family

Our services includes collection and delivery of your pet, to and from your home, through our local Pet Taxi services.


Pet Taxi Services

On top of international import and export of domestic animals, we also provide local transportation within Singapore in fully air-conditioned and insulated vehicles.

All our staff have gone through animal transportation and emergency handling programs, so as to minimize any trauma or stress to your pet. To ensure the highest hygiene standards, the pet taxis/ambulances are disinfected after every trip. So do be assured that your beloved pet is in the best possible hands, because we are committed to bring you the best in every way.

Our taxi services include:
-  Pick-up and/or drop-off to the location
-  Transportation to/from airport
-  Any other pet travel needs are served on a case-by-case basis
-  Non-emergency domestic transportation services


Medical Care - Veterinarian Services

We at Peter Pet Services, offer referral services to veterinarians and also work with pet hospital to provide a pleasant and affordable service for our clients without the need to wait for a long time. We would greatly appreciate if prior appointments could be made so as to enable a hassle free and pleasant experience for your pets. Our services include collection and delivery of your pet to and fro your home through our local Pet Taxi services.