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The entire pet relocating process can be daunting. However the good people from Peter Pet Services are here to help you to meet the challenge. Here are some helpful FAQs for your reference.


"Can I move my pet myself?"

In most instances you can absolutely move your pet yourself. Especially domestically. However, when travelling internationally, we strongly recommend using an experience pet relocation service provider as any errors can seriously affect your pet's travel itinerary.


"Do you use your own airplanes?"

No. All pet relocation services use the commercial airlines. At present there are no pet only airlines.


"Where will my pet(s) travel in the aircraft?"

Your pet(s) will travel in what is referred to as the "bulk bin" of the aircraft, a pressurized, heated and ventilated cargo hold of the aircraft, situated below the passenger compartments. Tie-down straps secure the travel container to the decking of the cargo compartments.


"What can I do to prepare my pet for travel?"

The best thing you can do to acclimate your pet for his upcoming move is to make sure he is comfortable with his crate. Start by putting treats in the crate and then progress to leaving your pet in the crate for short periods of time while you are out. This will help avoid separation anxiety and ensure a comfortable move.


"Can my pet travel with familiar objects: such as blankets, pillows, bedding, and articles of clothing?"

Yes, provided it is flat in nature, and does not obstruct the ventilation holes. A minimal approach is better than a maximum approach. With familiar family scents on the clothing, the pet's apprehensions and anxieties are reduced considerably.


"How should I prepare my pet for flight as relates to food and water?"

By reducing the amount of food given prior to actual flight, your pet avoids any potential gastrointestinal distress as well as not soiling the travel container. The primary concern during flight is adequate water intake to maintain proper hydration.


"Is it really safe to fly my pet?"

Yes. With proper diligence and common sense, relocating your pet by air is safer than a long road trip in the back of a van filled with other animals.


"When will my pet not be able to fly?"

Airlines will impose embargoes & suspensions for the acceptance of pets owing to temperatures at origin or destination below an acceptable temperature; as well as above certain temperatures. These weather and temperature embargoes are for the welfare of the pet and the animals accepted by the air carriers; and are not designed for passenger convenience.